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"It's like recess, but you learn stuff."

Max Canfield [student]


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Class Details:

Each class consists of three  2 1/2  hour sessions.  A maximum of twelve students
are enrolled for each class.    High tea will be served during each session. 
Mrs. DeGroot's teaching style is fun yet informative.  Conversation is encouraged
but is focused to reinforce the content of each session.  Wallingford Charm is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.   The class fee is $160.00 per child. The group rate
for 6+ children is $140.00 per child.  Gift certificates are available.



At this time Mrs. DeGroot is not teaching her 3 class sessions, however many people are putting together groups for a two hour evening class, tea party, or birthday party.
Please call to arrange a date for your group. You won't be disappointed!






To enroll a child in a class please email          
 Mrs. DeGroot at:
Or you may call Wallingford Charm directly at:



Group sessions are offeredby appointment.  Etiquette training is  a splendid activity for church youth, school youth, or home schooled children. Christmas break, Winter break,  Spring break, and Summer  are great times to make arrangements for  groups of classmates or friends.    Group classes are often held on consecutive days.  The group rate for 6-12 children is $120.00 per child. 


Etiquette and Manners lessons are offered for Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.  Girl Scouts can earn a  Manners Merit Badge.  One night or one day sessions can be scheduled.  Contact Mrs. DeGroot for rates.

School Visits:

Call for information on classroom presentations and scheduling.


Adult classes are offered as  group sessions.   Groups of business associates or friends are encouraged to call Wallingford Charm to arrange convenient class times.




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